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close up of Liquid Foot JR+ midi foot controller with screens on displaying a range of colors
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Technology that gives
you control like no other
pedal on the market.

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Built rock solid and
fully customizable to
to be as creative as you are.

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The Best MIDI Foot Pedals on the Planet

FAMC Liquid Foot provides best in class solutions for all your needs.
We provide you best in class solutions, reliable products, and top notch service.

Developed by Musicians for Musicians.

Why the Pros Choose Us

FAMC delivers reliability and customization in a unique package. No other midi foot controller on the market can do everything ours can.

Tour Ready Construction

Our products are ready for the stage right out of the box.


Customize each button to do what you want. The programmable layout choices are endless, insuring the controller will do what YOU need it to, in the way you want it to.


Most of the LF+ Series controllers can be connected together to allow expansion, making it expandable to create your perfect system.


Our price point makes Liquid Foot controllers a steal for the features.


Personalized support to guide you along the way.

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