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FAMC Downloadable Information and Software


LF+ Controller Related

LF+ User Guide V4.10beta LF+ User Guide

Editor - Mac OS-X 10.7+

Editor - Mac OS-X 10.6.x

Editor - Windows








LF+ Mac OS-X Editor

LF+ Mac 10.6 OS-X Editor

LF+ PC Editor 32 bit

LF+ PC Editor 64bit (beta)


LF+ PRO+ Firmware V5.10 PRO+ Firmware
LF+ 12+ Firmware V5.10 12+ Firmware
LF+ 12 Firmware V5.10 12 Firmware
LF+ JR+ Firmware V5.10 JR+ Firmware
LF+ Mini Firmware V5.10 Mini Firmware


Liquid Router Related

LR Editor for Mac OS-X


LR Editor for PC




LR Mac OS-X Editor


LR PC Editor

Liquid Router A16 Firmware V1.20 LR A16 Firmware
Liquid Router A16 User Guide V1.10 LR A16 User Guide


Liquid Tracks Related

Liquid Tracks LT-100 Firmware V1.15 LT 100 Firmware
Liquid Tracks LT-100 User Guide V1.09 LT 100 User Guide


Other Downloads



Bridge Utility

V1.00 Mac OSX LF+ Mac OSX USB/MIDI Bridge


Discontinued Products

Original Liquid Foot Pro  

Pro User Guide v1.90

Pro Firmware V2.28

Pro Firmware V2.30 BETA

Original Liquid Foot Jr.  

Jr. User Guide v1.58

Jr. Firmware V2.30

  JAVA Editor for Original Pro and Jr.  

Jr. and Pro Editor for Windows PC (Java7 required) v1.10c

Jr. and Pro Editor for Mac v1.10c