LF+ 12+
Unbelievable performance medium format controller...

The LiquidFoot+ Series of MIDI controllers are incredibly strong and amazingly small footprint devices. Each controller is packed with an enormous level of functionality and expandability. Firmware upgrades will further expand the existing features and functions insuring the most advanced MIDI controller on the market.

While borrowing the best features of the Liquid-Foot Pro and Jr. line-up, this series expands the ease of use, the setup and the customized configurations available. Simply put, this controller series provides total flexibility and insures that the controller can and will change to suit your needs and configurations.


Each physical button is fully programmable per your layout desires. You can establish up to 50 pages. Each page can define the layout of up to 60 physical buttons (accessible with expanders). You can switch between pages as you see fit in real time. Each button on a page can handle two functions with many programmatic ways to control the interaction of the two functions (*functions defined below).Button level triggering and control at the page level makes your layout possibilities nearly endless.

Simply put-- Set any of the buttons on a page to act as an IA Switch, Preset switch, menu command, or combination thereof. Customize the entire board to fit your individual needs and workflow.


All LF+ series controllers are interchangeable- meaning you can plug them together with a Cat-5 cable and immediately expand without further programming. Whatever is in the master controller will transfer over to the expanders. Expanders can point to any grouping of sequential buttons (same as master, or different). All accessory connections are compatible among the + series controllers.


Large Main LCD display

Top line provides details on the active preset, while the second line provides details about songs, set-lists, Step commands, IA-Buttons as pressed, and much more. The Display was designed to be easily readable in all lighting conditions.


12 Buttons

Each of the 12 Buttons has a 7 color LCD which provides detailed information about the functions associated at the moment with the individual button. Enormous levels of programmability enables each button to provide menu functions, special programing functions, IA-Switch logic, Presets, or any combination of the above. Every function and state has a programmable color controlled by you.


2 Expansion ports

Plug any compatible LF+ device into one of the expansion ports and you have immediately added "expander" functionality. Set one unit as a master, and the other as a slave. Within seconds you have increased the number of buttons available, you have doubled the number of expression pedals, and much more. Other modules will be coming out to extend the functionality..


USB Port

Plug the included cable into a compatible PC or Mac and you will have access to the software editor. Rich in functionality and very simple to use. Editing advanced functions will take seconds. Manage multiple setups, backups, and re-arrange entire setups in seconds. While programming the device using its built in interface is fairly simple-- this editor takes the entire experience to another level.


Not your grandmothers expression pedal ports.

Plug either an expression pedal or a compatible tap switch into these ports. Expression pedals can drive single or multiple effects by the use of overrides. Use a tap switch and you now have up to 4 more switches to control buttons of a page- just as if they were built into the unit. Trigger IA Switches and more much. Supports continuous, latch, momentary, trigger and button press commands.


Choices for power and data input

The LF+ Series of products each enable either direct power via the 2.1mm standard barrel connection, or via phantom power via the MIDI OUT port. Power is flexible as the LF+ is designed for 9-12V AC or DC input.

MIDI OUT port also carries a MIDI in signal. Software controlled MIDI THRU is also available to allow complex routing configurations.


Button Special functions
buttons on a page can have up to two assigned functions..

Context Up Preset Up Set-List Up Save Preset
Context Down Preset Down Set-List Down Global Page
Bank Up Song Up Page Up Change Mode
Bank Down Song Down Page Down Enter Menu
Change Page Last Page Last Preset Select / Enter Cmd

programming functions (preset / IA-Slot / song)
20 commands per preset, 10 per song, up to 20 On and off messages per ia-slot..

Empty Create Delay IA trigger ON Store Preset
MIDI Command (all) Last Preset IA trigger OFF Recall Preset
Guitar Tuner Last Page IA trigger TOGGLE Trig 1st preset in Bank
Step Programming Change Page Set Button Color Mod Exp Pedal CC#
Sysex Send Msg Preset Trigger Go Global Page Mod Exp Pedal MIDI
IA Resend   Send Exp Ped Val Resend Current Exp Vals

Expression Pedal Types
Expression pedal ports are programmable

Continuous Controller Latch Momentary Single Shot
Broadcast Send Trigger IA-Slot Toggle IA-Slot Act as Page Button

Video Tutorials

Choose a video below:

Press the "zoom" key on the bottom right when video starts to see full screen.

Liquid Foot+ Quick Overview

Liquid Foot+ hands on Intro

Guitar Tuner, Direct Control and Autoload with AXE-FX (Ultra or II)

Using the 12 or 12+ as an Expanders

Pages allow you to make buttons do whatever you want


Brief Feature List 

12   Physical Buttons
384   Presets
254   Songs
128   Set Lists (60 songs)
50   Pages (60 buttons)
60   IA Switches
60   Preset Switches
47   Assignable Menu
20   Special Events
4-16   Expression Pedals
4-16   Tap Switches
7   IA Groups
2   Status Indicators
20x2 char   Large main LCD Display
Button LCD's   7 Assignable colors, 8x2 LCD, dim and bright controllable
USB   Mac and PC
MIDI IN   Standard MIDI IN
MIDI OUT   MIDI In / Out / Power and Thru connector
Expander A Port   Connect any compatible expansion module and daisy chain from there
Expander B Port   Connect any other LF+ series Controller and it will become a master / slave / expander to the "network".
Power In   AC or DC (9-12v)
Size   11" x 10" x 0.85" front
    11" x 10" x 2.5" back
Weight   9.0lbs

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